Chat wrap: Who could take over Chargers?

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Sam from Denver: What are the Broncos going to do with Knowshon Moreno

Bill Williamson: He's out of their plans, it seems. He can't get on the field. Unless there is a dramatic change, he doesn't have a future in Denver.


Seth A. from QC: Is there a reason that Ricky Stanzi is not getting a chance in Kansas City? I'm not saying he's a superstar, but they have no idea what they have with this kid, and going back and forth between Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel is clearly not the answer. At this point, why wouldn't you just start Stanzi, see if he can improve and see what you have, and then move on next year in the draft? Who knows, what if he ends up gaining confidence, and turns into a good QB?

BW: I think we can see Stanzi get a chance in December or so if Cassel and Quinn don't make strides. Why not? It wouldn't hurt to see if Stanzi has anything,


Rico from Fresno: With Reggie Mac as GM, think the Raiders could trade down to accumulate draft picks?

BW: In the first round? Yeah, maybe. They have multiple needs, so it makes some sense


Jack from San Diego: If Norv is fired, who on staff would you see taking the reigns for the rest of the year?

BW: Special teams coach Rich Bisaccia or defensive coordinator John Pagano, probably Bisaccia. The Chargers really like him. He's hardnosed and he has a lot of influence on that team.