NFL fines Richard Seymour again

Oakland defensive lineman Richard Seymour has been hit with a large fine again.

The NFL fined Seymour $15,750 for roughing the passer against Kansas City when he hit quarterback Matt Cassel. Seymour is no stranger to fines.

In other AFC West news:

Denver left tackle Ryan Clady is excelling without the security of a new contract. If he doesn’t get a new deal from Denver after the season, he’ll be franchised.

Tony Gonzalez reflected on what he could have done in Kansas City had there been a more stable quarterback situation during much of his time there. Hey Tony, just think if you were still in Kansas City this year with what is going on at quarterback? Yes, it can always be worse.

As of Thursday evening, the NFL has yet to make a decision on the Chargers’ TowelGate stemming from a Week 6 game against the Broncos. The Chargers could face a fine or the loss of a draft pick if found guilty.

Here are the video predictions for Sunday:

Denver at Cincinnati.

Tampa Bay at Oakland.