Is Brady Quinn going to start again?

Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel indicated Friday that Brady Quinn would be the Chiefs' starting quarterback when he is cleared from a concussion he suffered in Week 8 -- though Crennel didn’t directly say as much.

There is a chance Quinn will be allowed to play Nov. 12 at Pittsburgh on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.” Matt Cassel, who Quinn replaced as the starter last month, was under center for the team's 31-13 loss at San Diego on Thursday night, after which Kansas City is 1-7. This is what Crennel said when asked whether Quinn will start:

“Brady has not been cleared yet. I said last week that if the doctors cleared him last week then he would be the starter. He was not cleared and he has not been cleared, so when he gets cleared then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But what I wanted to do when I made the change was to give Brady an opportunity without him having to look over his shoulder. That was my mindset when making the change and going in. Any time a player gets injured, you have to look at the injury and see what’s going to happen with it, and when he’s cleared, then we’ll go from there and make the decision and go on.”

Crennel later said this:

“When Brady is cleared, then I will evaluate it again and then make a decision on it. Understand that when I put Brady in, I did not want him looking over his shoulder. That’s still the same. That’s still true right now.”

That seems like Quinn will get his job back even though Crennel didn’t say so explicitly.

Meanwhile, Crennel said defensive end Glenn Dorsey is seeing a doctor to determine the extent of the calf injury he re-aggravated Thursday after missing several games. Crennel said he thinks running back Jamaal Charles will recover quickly from a neck injury, while rookie guard Jeff Allen is being evaluated for a head injury he suffered Thursday.

In other AFC West news:

The Raiders announced that their home game against Tampa Bay will be shown on local television.