What did Norv Turner's rant show?

Norv Turner showed a side of himself we rarely see from him Sunday after his Chargers lost at Tampa Bay.

Turner temporally lost his cool and was shouting in response to questions after a 34-24 loss. It was the 4-5 Chargers’ fourth loss in the past five games.

My reaction? Yes, it was out of character, but I don’t think Turner should be criticized for losing his cool. It happens. Plus, he calmed down pretty quickly.

I do know this: Turner cares. He’s passionate about his job. Maybe it’s a good thing he got fired up. It shows people he is serious about his team getting better.

There is no doubt Turner -- who is very much on the hot seat -- is frustrated and is feeling pressure. That comes with the territory. But I do not see this moment as a sign of him losing control of the team.

He got heated. He blew off steam. And he moves on.