Moving on: Kansas City Chiefs

Here are some areas the Kansas City Chiefs need to focus on after a 16-13 overtime loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday::

Recap: The Chiefs played hard and they outplayed the much better Steelers. But in the end, a Matt Cassel interception early in overtime was the end of the Chiefs in this game. They are now 1-8 and are still on pace for the No.1 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Biggest area to fix: General mistakes. The Chiefs lost this game because of gaffes. Penalties, dropped balls, just silly mistakes. This game film was a documentary on losing football. Despite playing harder than the Steelers, the Chiefs didn’t win this game because they didn’t allow themselves to win.

Biggest area to build on: Getting the lead. Kansas City jumped out to a 10-0 lead. By now, everyone is aware the last time it took an NFL team nine games to lead during a game was in 1929. Yes, it was embarrassing. Now that the nasty streak is over, the Chiefs have to find a way to build a lead again.

What to watch for: Kansas City must build on the good things they did Monday night as they host the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. Also, Brady Quinn has been cleared after suffering a concussion in Week 8. Not official, but he'll likely get get the call against the Bengals.