Chat wrap: How Chargers can win Sunday

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Bill from Corona, Calif..: How close to 100 percent is Peyton? Give me a percentage. He silenced the questions about the deep ball, throwing to the right etc. Also he was floating a lot of balls and his arm strength looked shaky early in the year, now his arm looks as strong as ever to me.

Bill Williamson: I'm not sure if a certain percentage even matters. He's proven everything. He is back.


Paul from K.C.: How hot is Scott Pioli’s seat considering Clark Hunt is seeking opinions from Marty Schottenheimer?

BW: Regardless of the Schottenheimer chats, the seat is hot. Hunt knows how the fans feel and if this team wins 1-3 games it will be very tough for Hunt to keep the current brass.


Thomas 43 from Loveland: I can understand the fan unrest in SD & KC the way their seasons are going, but think OAK fans should cut back on their bashing of D. Allen and Reggie. Your thoughts?

BW: I agree. It's the first year of a program. This season was to be expected because of the cap and draft pick issues. McKenzie and Allen have not been perfect, but it takes time to build a program and they deserve some time.


Samuels from Colorado: What is your read for the Broncos / Chargers game? Can Denver pull off the sweep here?

BW: It comes down to whether the Chargers can play a full game. If they can and Rivers doesn't make mistakes, it could be a close game.