Moving on: Kansas City Chiefs

Here are some areas the Kansas City Chiefs need to focus on after a 28-6 home loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday:

Recap: This game was like so many for the Chiefs this season. They were completely outclassed and the game quickly became uncompetitive. Kansas City (1-9) and is on pace to have the No.1 pick in the draft and the start is tied for the worst in team history.

Biggest area to fix: Lack of competition: The Chiefs fought hard at Pittsburgh in a 16-13 overtime loss. They were in the game. But the Chiefs never really were in the game against the Bengals. They have to somehow find a way to stay focused.

Biggest area to build on: Brady Quinn. He wasn’t great when he played in the second half, but it did give the offense a chance to work with him. Quinn is expected to be the starter for the rest of the season before Kansas City looks for a new quarterback. The Chiefs have a bunch of injuries on offense, but they feel Quinn gives them a better chance to compete than Matt Cassel.

What to watch for: The Chiefs host first-place Denver on Sunday. A Denver win would mathematically eliminate the Chiefs from the hunt for the AFC West title. Some moron (look at the picture at the top of the blog) picked them to win the division.