Mailbag: Trade Jamaal Charles?

Midweek mail call:

Trevor B. from Gering, Neb., wants to know if I think Tom Moore could end up the offensive coordinator in Denver.

Bill Williamson: If Mike McCoy gets a job somewhere, there will be an opening. Moore reportedly has said he wants to be a coordinator again. He was Peyton Manning’s longtime coordinator in Indianapolis and the two remain close. So, yes, I think he’d be at the top of the list.

Matthew from L.A. wants to know if I think the Chiefs should consider trading Jamaal Charles.

BW: Let me think about this. OK. I’m done. No. No way. He is a special player and he makes defensive coordinators game plan for him. Things will get better in Kansas City and Charles will be part of it.

Daniel from San Jose wants to know if I think Rod Streater will become a star.

BW: It’s too early to tell. But he looks like a keeper. He has a chance to be a very productive player. He was a great, great undrafted signing.