Would Holmgren, Gruden fit in AFC West?

Mike Holmgren is open to returning to coaching and rumors continue to swirl around Jon Gruden.

They are two of the biggest names who could be available this offseason for the seven teams looking for a coach. Could the two men be in play for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers?

Both former Super Bowl winning-coaches are offensive minded and I think that is what the Chiefs and Chargers are looking for. I see the Chiefs as a better fit for Holmgren and the Chargers would be a better fit for Gruden.

I think the Chiefs are open to the idea of bringing in a high-profile coach. And the Chiefs are open to any new leadership structure with general manager Scott Pioli being evaluated and not guaranteed of being retained.

The issue with Holmgren is he is 64 and he has a history of not staying in a position for the long haul. The Chiefs may not be a quick fix with a question mark at quarterback and a young roster. They will need someone interested in putting down roots. I don’t know if Holmgren is that guy.

Gruden -- an analyst on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football -- has maintained he is not interested in returning to coaching. However, every offseason, there is speculation Gruden could consider a return. The Bears and Chargers have been mentioned as possibilities for Gruden because they have established quarterbacks in Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers, respectively.

I could see Gruden and Rivers working well together. Gruden would have to be agreeable to working with a general manager because San Diego ownership likes to operate with that structure. Such an arrangement has not been a problem for Gruden in the past.

These pairings are far from being in play but there are reasons to think they could make sense for both the Chiefs and the Chargers.