Could Matt Flynn fit in Kansas City?

This is If season.

It’s all about if this step happens, perhaps that step will be made. So, let’s play that game with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Green Bay executive John Dorsey is considered a heavy favorite to land in Kansas City as the general manager. New head coach Andy Reid has control of the franchise, but he needs a right-hand man. Dorsey is respected, and Reid and Dorsey are very close from their days in Green Bay together.

The first task of the Chiefs’ brass will be to figure what to do at quarterback. There will be several options. One could be former Green Bay backup Matt Flynn. He is now in Seattle. The Seahawks paid handsomely to make Flynn their potential starter last year. But they struck draft gold in the form of Russell Wilson.

Flynn could be available. Flynn was well respected and well thought of in Green Bay. If Dorsey is among his fan club, there could be a nice connection. Reid’s roots are in Green Bay, and he’d likely have little trouble taking on a quarterback from the Packers’ tree.

The key would be to not pay too much for Flynn in the form of a draft pick. I think he’d be worth a conditional mid-round pick, because there are no guarantees he will be the starter. Also, his contract might have be adjusted to some conditions.

But if those two areas were worked out, I think Flynn could be an interesting fit for the new Chiefs. I could see maybe combining Flynn and taking a quarterback such as Landry Jones or Matt Barkley or a Mike Glennon or Geno Smith (if they were available) early in the second round.

The Chiefs could let the two players compete. If one is great, then they have their answer for years to come. If not, Flynn would at least be serviceable for the short term. Then, the Chiefs can continue their search later.

There are no other clear answers this year. The Chief are going to have to take a chance and hope for the best.

If Reid and Dorsey think Flynn is the answer, he might be as good as any avenue to pursue.