Is Manning channeling his inner Favre?

There have been a lot of comparisons of Brett Favre to Peyton Manning in the past two days.

The parallels are obvious.

Like Favre did in 2009 in Minnesota, Manning had great success with the Denver Broncos in 2012, his first season with the club. Like Favre did, Manning made the Broncos a Super Bowl contender right away.

However, like Favre, Manning helped doom his team with a late ill-advised interception in his team’s territory to end his team’s season in the postseason. Denver and Manning lost to Baltimore, 38-35, in double overtime Saturday in the AFC Divisional playoffs. Favre and the Vikings lost at New Orleans in overtime in the NFC championship game.

The Broncos and their fans hope that’s where the comparisons end.

Favre was essentially done when he returned in 2010 and the Vikings couldn’t recapture their magic.

I don’t think there is much for Denver to be worried about. Favre had to be talked into playing in 2010. Manning is coming back, no questions asked. He is already making plans to try to win in the cold weather in next year’s Super Bowl in New York, according to the Denver Post. Manning will be 37 in March.

Favre was 40 in his final year. He much more banged up than Manning, who had good health this season in his return from a neck injury that kept him out of the 2011 season.

While there are no guarantees the 2013 regular-season will be as successful as it was in 2012 for Denver, expect Manning to come back from the disappointing 2012 conclusion raring to go.