Russell comeback: It won't be easy

So, JaMarcus Russell says he wants to play in the NFL again. Good for him.

It doesn’t mean he will. Russell has big obstacles in front of him before securing an NFL contract.

Russell, the No. 1 pick of the 2007 draft, and considered one of the biggest all-time NFL draft busts, hasn’t played since Oakland cut him in the spring of 2010. Russell is 27.

He has attempted comebacks in the past. Russell will have a difficult time getting interest from the NFL because he has been out of the league so long, his poor physical condition, and the poor reputation he earned while in the NFL.

NFL teams keep an open mind, but I’m sure no teams are changing their calendars this spring in anticipation of seeing Russell. If he does get in shape, can shake off the rust, and gain the trust teams, there will be interest. But there are no guarantees of any of that happening.