AFC West fits for Darrelle Revis

CBSSports.com is reporting that the New York Jets are exploring the idea of trading star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Revis, 27, is considered one of the best defensive players in the NFL. He suffered a serious knee injury last season, but is expected to return healthy.

Revis would likely be expensive in both compensation and in the terms of a contract. His contract is pricey and voids after two seasons. Any team that wants to acquire him would likely need to give him a new deal. Even with the obstacles, I think Revis will be highly sought-after. A case could be made for all four AFC West teams having interest in him.

Let’s take a look at how he’d fit with each team in the division:

Denver: The Broncos have more than $18 million in cap room, the most in the division -- and they could use Revis. Champ Bailey still has a couple of years left, but he will be 35 when next season starts and is coming off a rough game in the playoff loss to Baltimore. Denver has Chris Harris and Tony Carter, but adding a piece like Revis would be huge. He could be worth the Broncos' No. 28 pick in the draft.

Kansas City: The Chiefs don’t have a ton of pressing needs other than quarterback, so that's where they must look first. But adding Revis to Brandon Flowers and a strong defense would be pretty tempting. I could see the Chiefs giving up the No. 34 pick in the draft, for starters. Is their No. 1 overall pick worth dealing for Revis? Maybe in some type of package deal that gets the Chiefs a little more than Revis, sure.

Oakland: Cornerback is Oakland’s greatest need. Revis would fit great, but the Raiders are not in strong salary-cap shape and don’t have a lot to offer in a trade. Plus, they have a lot of other needs. Revis would be a terrific addition, but there are a lot of obstacles here.

San Diego: San Diego’s two starting cornerbacks, Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason, are free agents. This is a need area -- but only one of many such trouble spots. Unless they get creative in both trade compensation and in a new contract for Revis, this might be a tad difficult to maneuver.