Darrelle Revis could solve Chiefs' dilemma

The Kansas City Chiefs’ choices with the No. 1 pick continue to be murky and it is not getting any clearer as the NFL combine comes to a close.

Thus, I think the team may have to start getting creative about the pick and it could mean taking a run at prized cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The Chiefs’ situation got more complicated with the news that Utah defensive lineman Star Lotulelei has a heart condition and he is undergoing tests. He couldn’t work out at the combine because of the matter. Unless Lotulelei gets firm medical conformation that he is at no risk because of the heart issue, there is little chance he will be taken at the top of the draft.

Lotulelei is Scouts Inc.’s top-rated prospect and is one of the few top prospects who makes some positional sense for the Chiefs.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith ran well at the combine and received mixed reviews for his performances in the passing drills. He still may be a long shot at No. 1.

Thus, signs point to Kansas City taking Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel at No.1. But that isn’t clear cut, either. The Chiefs like free-agent left tackle Branden Albert and remain interested in re-signing him. I wouldn’t get too excited about the possibility of drafting Joeckel and moving Albert to guard. Albert wants to stay at left tackle and he knows someone will pay him the premium to play it.

Simply letting Albert walk and drafting Joeckel would not be taking advantage of having the top pick and it wouldn’t necessarily make the Chiefs better.

They must get better by using the pick wisely. I have an idea how that could happen: go get Revis. The Jets are reportedly willing to trade the All-Pro cornerback.

I could see a scenario where the Chiefs could use the No. 1 pick as bait and get Revis, who played for new Kansas City defensive coordinator Bob Sutton in New York, and the No. 9 pick in return. There may have to be some additions on either side, but I’m not sure the Jets could get a better offer.

The Chiefs could then pair Revis with Brandon Flowers and have one of the best cornerback situations in the NFL.

Yes, Revis is coming off a torn ACL. But all reports are that he is making great progress and he is in the prime of his career. And, yes, Revis would likely require a new deal, but I think he Chiefs could find a way to keep receiver Dwayne Bowe and add Revis. That would likely mean letting Albert walk in free agency.

But with the No. 9 pick, the Chiefs could likely get Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher and very likely get Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson. Both are highly skilled left tackles.

In addition, reports are heavy that the Chiefs are going after San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith.

So, this is what the team’s offseason scorecard could look like:

In: Bowe, Alex Smith, Revis and a top rookie left tackle rookie.

Out: Albert and the No. 1 pick.

Looks OK to me and if somehow Albert could be kept, the Chiefs could use the No. 9 pick on Geno Smith or a top prospect at another position.

I know there are lots of hoops to go through for this scenario to unfold and I am not naïve enough to think it can occur easily. But it’s plausible through some brainstorming.

That’s exactly the point of the Chiefs’ situation. They have to get creative because there are too many questions right now about them having the No. 1 pick. They might have to get creative to make it a positive situation.