Seymour talks playoffs

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Oakland defensive end Richard Seymour caused quite a stir in a radio interview when he predicted Oakland would make the playoffs this season.

The Raiders are 2-4 and are a game off the current pace for a wild-card spot. Seymour, stoked by the team’s 13-9 win over Philadelphia on Sunday, believes the winning will continue in Oakland. In the three games prior to the win over the inept Eagles, Oakland lost three straight games by a combined score of 96-16. Seymour is obviously basing his view on the narrow win over the Eagles and not the previous three games.

My thoughts on Seymour’s prediction: Big deal.

I’m neither inspired nor offended by his comments.

I’ve never been amused by the growing number of guarantees in the NFL. What does a guarantee or a prediction mean? Is there anything at stake? No. They are empty.

This is what Seymour’s words are. They’re empty. I mean, good for him to believe in his team. But if he’s wrong, there are no consequences. If Seymour were to say, “If we don’t make the playoffs, I’ll send portions of my salary to members of the six teams who do make the AFC playoffs” then it would mean something.

I’m not suggesting he do that. I’m just saying anyone can say anything.

Also, what is Seymour supposed to say? That he doesn’t believe the Raiders will make the playoffs? No one is going to say that. Seymour’s words are certainly eye catching and it creates some excitement for Raiders fans that one of their leaders is fired up about the team, but really it just doesn’t matter.