Comp picks: Chiefs score, Chargers don't

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers made some compensatory picks news Monday.

The Chiefs are newsworthy for what they got. The Chargers made news for what they didn’t get.

The Chiefs received the No. 96 overall pick in the third round -- the second highest comp pick given this year. They also got a pick in the sixth round.

San Diego did not get one of the 32 extra picks even though they lost free agent prize, receiver Vincent Jackson last year when he signed with Tampa Bay. It makes former general manager A.J. Smith's decision not to trade Jackson when he could have a couple of years ago even more difficult to digest for San Diego fans.

Oakland was the only other team in the AFC West to get a pick. They received one in the sixth round.

Compensatory picks are issued based on a formula that involves salary, playing time and postseason honors. San Diego brought in several free agents last year. Released players do not factor in the equation.