Mailbag: Peyton Manning's shelf life

Mid-week mail call:

Rick Johnson from San Juan Capistrano, Calif., wants to know why quarterback Ricky Stanzi may be on the outs in Kansas City.

Bill Williamson: He was a low-round pick of the previous regime. He hasn’t shown much in two years in the program and the new regime is looking for its own young quarterback to develop. The Chiefs signed the intriguing Tyler Bray out of Tennessee as an undrafted free agent. I expect Andy Reid and his staff to try to develop Bray. If Stanzi impresses, he has a chance, but I think Bray has the edge to stick around over Stanzi.

Rick Cole from Kansas City wants to know how long I think Peyton Manning will play in Denver.

BW: I think we should start with two more years and see how it goes. Manning is 37. He has four more years remaining on his contract.I expect him to play at a high level for another two years. I bet the situation is re-evaluated after the 2014 season. If Manning is still playing at a high level and he feels good, I could see him returning in 2015.

Ibetonart from Oakland wants to know if the Raiders could ever trade Terrelle Pryor to Philadelphia.

BW: Well, I think that wouldn’t happen until 2014. Pryor seems to fit Chip Kelly’s offense and Kelly did try to recruit him to Oregon several years ago. But Kelly is loaded at quarterback. I would think if Kelly doesn’t have his answer at the position next year and Pryor is not in Oakland’s plans, perhaps the idea could be broached.