Would Charles Woodson fit in AFC West?

One of the more interesting remaining free agents on the market is safety Charles Woodson.

The future Hall of Fame player has been unable to find work since he was cut by Green Bay earlier this week. Woodson recently said he is willing to play in any situation. He simply wants to continue his career. Yet, he has gotten little interest. Let’s see if there is any chance Woodson could end up in the AFC West:

Denver: The Broncos were mentioned as a potential landing spot for Woodson early in the process. There are reasons this makes sense. Denver is expected to be a contender and it could use a veteran at the position to play, at least, in a part-time role. I don’t think Denver coach John Fox would be scared off by the fact Woodson is 36. Fox has always valued veterans.

Kansas City: Woodson was in Green Bay with new Kansas City general manager John Dorsey. The Chiefs could use some veteran secondary help. I’m not sure if Woodson would have a huge role in Kansas City, but if Dorsey decides there is value there, perhaps the Chiefs could consider him.

Oakland: This is the sentimental favorite. Raiders’ fans really want to see Woodson return. He began his career in Oakland and was in Green Bay with Oakland general manager Reggie McKenzie. The Raiders could also use a veteran leader like Woodson on defense. The Raiders are going young and cheap, but perhaps McKenzie would make an exception for a former Oakland hero.

San Diego: The Chargers are also going young and they aren’t looking to spend much money. But there could be a place for a veteran like Woodson in a young secondary. Not sure if the Chargers’ brass would find it worthwhile to pursue Woodson, though.