Mailbag: Will Chiefs pursue veteran WR?

Mid-week mail call:

Jerry from Newport Beach, Calif., wants to know if I think the Kansas City Chiefs sign receiver Brandon Lloyd.

Bill Williamson: I don’t think he will be a priority. If the Chiefs don’t think Donnie Avery and Jon Baldwin are good enough complements to Dwayne Bowe late in the preseason and Lloyd is still available, perhaps something could be done then. Lloyd is from Kansas City. I’m sure he’d be open to the idea.

Lance Baxter from Colorado Springs wants to know if I think the AFC West will make improvements as a whole soon.

BW: I think it is going to get better. I like the coaching in the division. So, teams will improve. But it all depends on the quarterbacks, too. If Alex Smith can get it going in Kansas City, if one of Oakland’s quarterbacks can show he can be a solid starter and if Philip Rivers rebounds in San Diego, the division can get better quickly. If not, the struggles, as a whole, may linger.

Wes from Houston, Mo., wants to know where I think the Chiefs will use newly claimed Austen Lane.

BW: Lane, claimed off waivers from Jacksonville earlier this month, is listed as a defensive end. Some scouts think he will line up as 3-4 linebacker in some pass-rushing situations. He has some pass-rushing skills. I think the Chiefs just want to see if he can fit in their scheme. It was a low-risk addition that could end up helping the team’s depth.