Key deadline looms for Albert, Clady

There isn’t much urgency in the NFL in July, but one deadline date looms that does have an effect on half of the left tackles in the AFC West.

July 15 (which is in exactly two weeks) is the final day of the calendar year in which a franchised player can sign an extension. Denver’s Ryan Clady and Kansas City’s Branden Albert were both given the franchise tag. Thus, if neither player signs an extension in the next 14 days, neither can sign a new deal after the season is over.

Could either player sign in the next two weeks? Sure, both could. I’d think the odds are higher that Albert re-signs than Clady. Albert and the Chiefs are expected to talk next week. Clady and the Broncos have had some talks, but they are reportedly not close.

If neither player signs by the deadline I do not think it will be a doomsday situation. Deals can easily get done after the season and before free agency starts next March.

But if both sides find an accord this summer and decide to end the suspense, we could see some action soon.