Chat wrap: What is Chiefs' ceiling?

We held our AFC West chat (sans Denver. I no longer cover them) on Friday. Here are some highlights:

Kansas City:

Aaron Van Pelt from Boise: It's August so we Chiefs fans -- perennial masters of delusion -- are actually optimistic about this year's team. Realistically, how many wins do we muster this year?

Bill Williamson: I can see a 9-7 team. Yes, a seven-win swing is huge, but the pieces and coaching is there.


Dillon Buchanan from Fremont, Ca.: I'm worried about our second round draft choice Menelik Watson. How serious is his injury issues and is it safe to say that he probably won't blossom into anything special in this league? I even question Reggie's potential to draft elite players and not just another regime of busts!?

BW: I'd relax a bit. Watson has a calf injury. It is not long-term. The question is how quickly he can catch up, especially considering his limited football experience. So, he will be in catch-up mode initially but that doesn't mean he will be a bust.

San Diego:

John from Europe: Any Chargers back-up catch the eye? We all know depth isn’t their strength.

BW: Mathews was decent. Want to see Woodhead when healhy. He had a good camp.