Terrelle Pryor: 'Woodyard should get fined'

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor said he did not lose consciousness in the aftermath of the blow he endured Monday night in Denver, even if he did not remember the exact details.

Rather, he said, a delay in the onset of symptoms revealed he had suffered the first concussion of his life.

And while he still seemed a bit fuzzy less than 48 hours later, Pryor was clear on one point – he believed the tackle by Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard was an “illegal” shot, a “helmet-to-helmet” blow.

“I think he should get fined, definitely,” said Pryor, who was on his way to take a concussion test Wednesday afternoon to see if he could be cleared to practice on Thursday, let alone play Sunday against Washington, when he stopped by the locker room to talk to reporters.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen has said the hit was legal, though, in that the hit occurred within the tackle box.

In any event, with Pryor unable to practice Wednesday, Matt Flynn ran the first-team offense.

“Matt’s definitely going to be the best guy to do it if I can’t do it, if I’m not in good condition,” Pryor said. “I feel good, but it all depends upon tomorrow, how I feel, and just keep taking the right steps.

“I don’t want to come in here and make it like a circus. I just want to keep getting my rest, keep studying.”

Pryor also defended the job the Raiders staff did in leaving him in for two plays after the hit.

“Looked like I was functioning; I watched the tape,” Pryor said. “I could definitely see why they didn’t see it ... I was talking to them so I was fine because they were asking me [questions]. Definitely a delayed reaction.”