No blitz needed to create pass rush

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – I've been searching for some numbers that would put into perspective what the Kansas City Chiefs have been able to accomplish with their pass rush. ESPN Stats & Information, of course, came through.

We suspected the Chiefs were getting a lot of their best pass-rush work done when sending four or fewer players after the quarterback, and the numbers confirm those suspicions. The Chiefs have 21 of their 31 sacks when they’re not blitzing, and they are sacking the quarterback on 11 percent of those plays. Both are league bests.

Another NFL best for the Chiefs when rushing four or fewer players: They register a sack, interception or pass breakup on 25 percent of those plays.

The Chiefs are also pressuring opposing quarterbacks more frequently with a four-man rush than any team in the last five seasons. (A pressure is considered to be a sack, a hit on the quarterback while he throws or making him hurry his pass.) They’re doing so on 35 percent of such plays.