Chargers aided by McCoy's ties to Denver

SAN DIEGO -- Talking to reporters here this week, Chargers coach Mike McCoy acknowledged he plans on using his four years of coaching experience in Denver to his advantage when he faces his former team, the Broncos, on Sunday.

“I know the system,” McCoy said. “I know what they are doing, and if you turn the film on, I can probably tell you what every play is. But I’m not playing. I’m not one of the 11 guys on the field.

“I’ll give the defense as much information as I can to help them, but (defensive coordinator) John Pagano’s staff has put a great plan together. I was telling the defensive players today about the last few times we (Denver) played against them, especially last year. The score was a little different in the second half of the first game, but with the way they played us they did an outstanding job. We’ll have a great plan together. Our players will be prepared and ready to go.”

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning praised McCoy’s coaching acumen, and singled him out as one of the people who greatly helped with his transition back into the league after missing a season with a serious neck injury.

“He expected a lot of his players, yet he was always supportive of his players,” said Manning, when asked about McCoy’s coaching personality. “I feel like he maximized the most out of his players, while being demanding, yet supportive and encouraging at the same time. I think that’s not always an easy combination, but he did that. He’s a hard worker. He spent a lot of time grinding, trying to figure out the best plays for our offense.”

San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers said McCoy has offered few tricks of the trade culled from working with Manning on a daily basis.

“Pretty much what you see is what you are going to get,” Rivers said. “I don’t think there is a specific secret. The guy [Manning] has great talent, a great mind, he loves the game and he is exceptional at his position. I think it’s pretty well documented -- what he does, how he does it, and what kind of career he has had. It’s pretty straight forward.”

That said, Rivers is 0-2 against Manning since his arrival in Denver, and looks to get his first victory against a Manning-led Broncos' team on Sunday.

“I’ve always thought a heck of a lot of Peyton and it’s an honor, really, to be across the field leading the team against him, because you’re playing, in my opinion, probably the best to ever play,” Rivers said. “We know what we’re in for when you play a Peyton Manning-led team. I say Peyton Manning-led because there are 44 or 45 other guys that are going to dress that have a heck of lot to do with why they win also, and I’m sure he would tell you that as well. We’ve got to be ready to play the Denver Broncos.”