Seven snaps for Knile Davis isn't enough

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- When a team runs only 50 offensive plays and just five in the fourth quarter, it can be difficult to spread the ball around as it might like. Still, a week after the Kansas City Chiefs wrecked the New England Patriots with the running combination of Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis, they veered in an entirely different direction in Sunday's 22-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Davis was in for only seven snaps against the 49ers and got the ball just twice, carrying on both occasions for a total of six yards. Even Charles was underutilized with 15 carries and one pass reception.

We've already chastised Chiefs coach Andy Reid for the imbalance between the pass and run against San Francisco, particularly in short-yardage situations. For the Chiefs' offense to work at its best, they have to maximize what they get from Charles and Davis. Again, that can be a delicate thing when a team gets only 50 snaps.

But the Chiefs didn't get 50 snaps against the 49ers only because the defense couldn't get San Francisco's offense off the field in the fourth quarter or because of the 12 players on the field penalty.

They would have had a lot of snaps had they played to their strengths. The running game was working Sunday but the Chiefs didn't trust it and that cost them a game.

It's an expensive lesson and as a Chiefs fan you can only hope it sunk in.