QB snapshot: Alex Smith

A quick observation of quarterback Alex Smith and how he played in the Chiefs' 17-14 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 14:

Smith's accuracy went down dramatically from the first half to the second in large part because in the first two quarters he kept things short. He was 12-of-13 in the first half and 12 of those passes went less than 5 yards down the field. Six of them were thrown behind the line of scrimmage and his average throw went 0.5 yards.

After that, Smith was 14-of-26. Fourteen of those attempts went more than 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and the average length of his throws in the second half was 6.7 yards.

Smith was also under pressure when throwing more in the second half. He was pressured on 38 percent on his throws in the first half and sacked once; he was pressured 55 percent of the time and sacked four times after that.