Raiders in DeMarco Murray chase

The Oakland Raiders promised to be big players in free agency, and they're holding to that promise by making a run at DeMarco Murray in an attempt to recharge an anemic run attack.

ESPN's Adam Caplan is reporting the Raiders are one of the teams making a push for one of the best skill position players on the market, as the team wants to bring Murray in for a visit. I'm hearing the Raiders are going to be aggressive, although there is competition.

The Raiders have the most salary-cap room in the NFL at the moment and they can do whatever they want. If they truly want Murray, they should be able to offer him what it takes.

Murray, the reigning NFL rushing champion, would be an intriguing fit in Oakland. The Raiders are going to use a lot of no-huddle offense, and new Oakland offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave likes the to run the ball. Oakland just agreed to terms with Buffalo blocking tight end Lee Smith to help a run attack that was dead last in NFL in 2014.

The Raiders like young Latavius Murray, but new Oakland coach Jack Del Rio said Latavius Murray needs to work on his football IQ. So, pairing the veteran Murray with Latavius could make a lot of sense, and it could take pressure off of young quarterback Derek Carr, especially since Oakland has been unable to give him a top receiving weapon yet.

So there's plenty of reasons why this pursuit makes sense.

But, of course, there are some risks involved. The running back position has been widely undervalued around the league because it is an easy position to fill and running backs have a short shelf life.

Murray also has a lot of miles on him at the age of 27. He had a league-high 1,845 yards on a whopping 392 carries last season. The fact the carries can catch up to him may be one of the reasons why Dallas didn't re-sign him early.

But there is no question Murray is a capable back, and there are a lot of reasons for the Raiders to be interested.