Here's how much cap room the Chiefs need for NFL draft

Been receiving many questions about the cap space the Kansas City Chiefs would need to conduct their draft. Overthecap.com has a nice piece on exactly what it would take in terms of cap room for each NFL team to make its picks, including the Chiefs and their 10 choices.

The Chiefs will need about $2 million to conduct their draft, according to OTC. Their rookie pool is about $6.4 million. For the differences between the two, I urge you to read the OTC story.

The Chiefs, according to the NFL Players Association, have about $2.75 million of remaining cap space. So the Chiefs could conduct their draft today, assuming these figures to be correct.

But that wouldn’t leave the Chiefs much wiggle room for any remaining free agents they might like to sign, or anything else, really. So they’ll have to clear some cap room as they move forward.