AFC West Q&A: Who is the best newcomer to the division?

Today's question: Who is the best newcomer to this division?

Jeff Legwold, Denver Broncos: The Kansas City Chiefs’ signing of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has the potential to be the best free agency buy. Maclin has five straight 50-plus catch seasons, including two 70-catch seasons, to go with two seasons of at least 10 touchdowns. He fits coach Andy Reid’s offense, given Reid had the final say on personnel when Maclin was a Philadelphia Eagles draft pick in 2009. The Chiefs have to find a way to get him the ball and move things around so defenses can’t simply load up on Maclin. In terms of the division’s draft class, Melvin Gordon figures to get plenty of opportunities to carry the ball in the Chargers’ offense. And Broncos rookie outside linebacker Shane Ray will work in a defense that already has Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, so Ray’s impact-play-per-snap ratio has an excellent chance of being high.

Adam Teicher, Kansas City Chiefs: Wide receivers have historically been disappointments when they’ve moved on as high-priced free agents. If there’s ever one to give his team its money’s worth, it’s Maclin. The Chiefs don’t have to wonder how Maclin would fit into Reid’s offensive system. They’ve seen Maclin flourish in Reid’s system. Maclin played the first four seasons of his NFL career for Reid with the Philadelphia Eagles. Maclin averaged 65 catches for 863 yards and 6.5 touchdowns in those four seasons. Even if that’s all Maclin does this season, it will be more than the Chiefs have gotten from a wide receiver in one year in any of those categories since 2011.

Bill Williamson, Oakland Raiders: I believe it is going to be Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper. He was the No. 4 overall pick in the draft, and I believe he will be a top candidate for the NFL offensive rookie of the year. Cooper comes to Oakland as one of the most polished college receivers in recent memory. This is a player who has the entire route-running tree is in his arsenal, and he was ultra productive at Alabama against strong SEC defenses. Cooper had an SEC-record 124 catches last season. Second-year Oakland quarterback Derek Carr can fling the ball and now has a true No. 1 weapon. I expect Cooper to be a focal part of Oakland’s new up-tempo offense. Oakland hasn’t had a 1,000-yard receiver since Randy Moss in 2005. That drought may end soon.

Eric D. Williams, San Diego Chargers: For me it’s Gordon. He was highly productive in college and is a perfect fit for what San Diego wants to do on offense. But Gordon will not have to carry the load for the Chargers. With Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead, Gordon is surrounded by enough talent that he will not be burdened with being the engine that drives the offense.