Chiefs CB Marcus Peters earns a thumbs-up so far

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A quick observation of Kansas City Chiefs first-round draft pick Marcus Peters and how he’s played through three weeks of training camp:

Peters was the sensation of early training camp when he had three interceptions in one practice session. Three interceptions is exactly half of the Chiefs’ total last season, so there is hope among team coaches and officials that Peters can be the playmaking cornerback they’ve lacked for some time.

“He’s what we’ve been missing back there," said defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas, who knows a little something about interceptions. The Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback is the Chiefs’ all-time interceptions leader with 58.

“He’s a guy that can intercept the ball and get turnovers back there."

Things might get bumpy for Peters, as they do for many rookies. How he responds to that adversity and the coaching that comes with it will determine whether he’ll be the long-term solution for the Chiefs. Peters was thrown off his college team at Washington after an altercation with an assistant coach.

Early returns in that department are encouraging. In one training camp practice, Peters was beaten for a touchdown on an inside move by Jeremy Maclin.

Al Harris, the Chiefs’ assistant defensive backs coach, then called Peters over to discuss the play. Harris was animated in making his point, but Peters just listened with an occasional nod. When Harris was finished talking, Peters headed back to rejoin his teammates.

The Chiefs need Peters to be ready when the season begins. Their best and only established cornerback, Sean Smith, will be suspended by the NFL for the first three games, leaving a spot as the No. 1 corner open for Peters.