It's official: Chargers file application with NFL to relocate to Los Angeles

SAN DIEGO -- As expected, the San Diego Chargers filed an application with the NFL to relocate to Los Angeles on Monday, the first day teams could file with the league.

The Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams also filed relocation papers, according to the league.

The Chargers and Raiders are partnering on a $1.75 billion facility in Carson, California, while Rams owner Stan Kroenke plans to build a $1.86 billion stadium in Inglewood.

"It was very difficult to come to this decision," Chargers chairman Dean Spanos said in an interview on the team's website. "It's been 14 years that we've been working very hard to try and get something done here. We've had nine different proposals that we've made, and all of them were basically rejected by the city.

"Over 25 percent of our business comes from Riverside county, Orange county and the Los Angeles county area. Another team or teams going in there would have a huge impact on that. I think that is what really was the catalyst that got this whole thing going, because when the Rams decided to make their move there, this was a move to protect our business more than anything, so we find ourselves where we do right now."

You can read and listen to Spanos' full statement here.

NFL owners will meet in Houston starting Jan. 12 and 13, potentially voting on the L.A. relocation issue, which will decide if the Chargers move north next year.

However, the owners' committee on Los Angeles opportunities, along with the league's finance and stadium committee, will meet with the Chargers, Raiders and Rams on Wednesday and Thursday in New York. Those meetings could help set the framework for a deal which owners ultimately approve.

In Houston, owners will review the relocation guidelines and initially decide whether a team even qualifies for relocation. After that, owners will scrutinize the Carson and Inglewood projects and ultimately vote on which one they believe will have the best, long-term success in Los Angeles.

The relocation of a franchise requires a yes vote by three-quarters of the NFL clubs (24 of 32).