Cassel has seen more yellow under Haley

Thanks to NFC West blogger Mike Sando, we’ve found some interesting numbers regarding both Chiefs coach Todd Haley and quarterback Matt Cassel.

Cassel has been called for eight penalties, which is tied for the third highest in the NFL. Cassel had just three penalties last season with New England. Haley may be the connection. He calls the plays in Kansas City. Last season, as the offensive coordinator in Arizona, Haley saw quarterback Kurt Warner flagged 11 times. Without Haley, Warner has been penalized three times this season.

So, Cassel’s flags have increased with Haley as his coach and Warner’s have decreased without Haley as his coach. It’s just a fact.

Does this mean Haley is a poor coach? No, not by any means. But it is an interesting tidbit that Haley may want to look into in the offseason.

The chart ranks NFL quarterbacks by most penalties, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

NFC West penalty watch: Quarterbacks