McNabb to Denver?

Are the Denver Broncos going to make earth-shattering news at the quarterback position for the second straight year?

It seems as if they are considering it.

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that Denver is one of three teams that have had multiple conversations with the Eagles about the availability of quarterback Donovan McNabb. The other two teams are Buffalo and Cleveland.

Very interesting.

Denver coach Josh McDaniels showed last year he is not afraid to make blockbuster moves and he is open to anything. McDaniels shipped 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler to Chicago last season after he tried to get Matt Cassel from New England.

Denver received quarterback Kyle Orton as part of the Cutler trade with Chicago. Orton was decent last year. He is likely going to be a free agent. This weekend, Denver owner Pat Bowlen said he would like to keep Orton.

However, it seems the Broncos are at least exploring the idea of adding McNabb. There will be plenty developments in the next several weeks before the trading and free agency season begins. But the fact that McDaniels is thinking about bringing in an elite quarterback doesn’t surprise me.

Still, I’m not sure if McNabb is the perfect fit for Denver. He is 33 and has been banged up. While he is a better player than Orton, would McNabb be the difference-maker in Denver? I don’t think Denver is just a quarterback away from being a legitimate title contender. The Broncos have other issues.

If McNabb came cheaply, maybe Denver should consider it. But he is not worth up giving up a bevy of draft picks at this point of his career. This team has to continue to build. Adding a fading star may not be the smartest move. But, it seems, it is an idea that is being mulled as McDaniels continues to look for the right quarterback in Denver.