Eight in the Box: Biggest cap casualty

Welcome to Eight in the Box, an NFL Nation feature that will appear each Friday during the offseason. This week’s topic: Who will be each team’s biggest salary-cap casualty this offseason?

Denver Broncos: There aren’t many players in Denver who are in danger of being cut. One player to keep an eye on is linebacker D.J. Williams. He served a two-tiered nine-game suspension last season and finished the season as a rotational player. Williams has been good in Denver, but his off-field headaches coupled with the emergence of Wesley Woodyard have made him expendable.

Kansas City Chiefs: It’s going to be quarterback Matt Cassel. His release will reportedly save the Chiefs more than $5.8 million and his time in Kansas City is simply up. He was benched last year and the regime that brought him to Kansas City with the hopes of him becoming a franchise quarterback has been fired. This is a new era in Kansas City and there is no room for Cassel.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders are the team in the division that potentially cuts the most players as they try to create some salary-cap space. I’m going with defensive tackle Tommy Kelly as being the most significant cut. Oakland could reportedly save up to $7 million by cutting him. He has been a solid player, but he has seen his better days. At this point, he will be best used as a rotational player, but his price tag is way too high for that.

San Diego Chargers: While the Chargers probably won’t cut too many veterans, one who appears assured to be shown the door is left tackle Jared Gaither. He signed a hefty contract last year and was a disaster. Gaither played only four games last season and there were heavy rumblings that many teammates and coaches thoughts Gaither wasn’t as injured as he claimed to be. There is little chance he will be brought back.