QB snapshot: Ryan Lindley

A quick observation of quarterback Ryan Lindley and how he played in the Arizona Cardinals' 20-17 loss in Week 17:

The Ryan Lindley who showed up in San Francisco wasn't the same Ryan Lindley in Seattle.

He looked calm, poised and comfortable despite throwing three interceptions in just his sixth career start. But he threw for a career-high 316 yards while throwing his first touchdowns, snapping an NFL record for pass attempts without a score on his 229th career throw. He finished with two Sunday, both on nice-looking passes.

On throws 20 yards or shorter in the air, he was 21-for-33 passing (63.6 percent) for 248 yards despite a touchdown and two interceptions against the Niners, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Cardinals kept his plays short, and he flourished. But on passes of 21 yards or longer, Lindley struggled, connecting on just 2 of 6. When he was blitzed, Lindley handled the rush well. He faced the 49ers' blitz 11 times while completing nine of his passes. He threw both touchdowns against the blitz.

With another week to figure out when to throw away passes instead of force them, his turnovers will go down.