FiveThirtyEight looks at how much Ryan Lindley cost Cards in playoffs

In hindsight, it's easy to look at the Arizona Cardinals' 27-16 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Saturday in the NFC wild-card game and say quarterback Ryan Lindley was a major reason the Cardinals lost the game.

But how much did having Lindley behind center cost Arizona? The incredibly smart folks at FiveThirtyEight decided to find out.

Using advanced analytics, FiveThirtyEight broke down the differences between Lindley and Carson Palmer.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • With Palmer's career adjusted net yards per attempt index of 104, which would've been adjusted to an expected plus +0.23 above Carolina's Cam Newton's performance Saturday, a difference that would've given the Cardinals a 53 percent chance of winning.

  • Lindley's ANY/A of -0.59 in Saturday's game was 6.44 below Newton's.

  • For his career, Lindley's ANY/A index was 58 -- which would've given the Cardinals a 20 percent chance to "steal" a win over Carolina.

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