Breaking down Mike Iupati's contract

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Arizona Cardinals bolstered the left side of their offensive line during free agency, signing guard Mike Iupati to a five-year contract that's worth up to $40 million. His average per year breaks down to $8 million.

Here's a year-by-year breakdown of his contract:

2015: Iupati will earn a $1.5 million base salary that's fully guaranteed in addition to the $6 million signing bonus and the $4 million roster bonus he's already received, making his 2015 compensation worth $11.5 million.

Cap hit: $6.7 million

2016: His base salary will increase to $4.5 million, which will be fully guaranteed.

Cap hit: $5.7 million

2017: Iupati's base salary accelerates to $8 million. It becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the league year.

Cap hit: $9.2 million

2018: While his base salary will drop a bit to $7.75 million, Iupati can earn the $250,000 back in a roster bonus.

Cap hit: $9.2 million

2019: Like 2018, Iupati's base salary will be $7.75 million and he'll be eligible to earn a $250,000 roster bonus.

Cap hit: $9.2 million.