Alameda Ta'amu's workout bonus based on weight

TEMPE, Ariz. – If Arizona Cardinals nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu wants his workout bonus, he’ll have to watch his pounds.

His one-year contract, signed on March 9, includes a $216,000 workout bonus, according to ESPN Stats & Information, but it’s all based on Ta’amu making weight. He can earn $36,000 at each of his six weigh-ins if he makes weight.

Weight was an issue for Ta’amu -- whom the Cardinals list at 348 pounds -- last season.

At the NFL owners meetings on Wednesday, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Ta'amu’s weight was a factor in his decreased playing time in 2014. Ta'amu spent 2014 trying to get back in playing shape after tearing in ACL in Week 17 of the 2013 season.

“He really struggled with his knee. He was not the same guy,” Arians said. “He got heavy, basically ate himself out of a job. He was still not the athlete he was before, and hopefully with the brace off now and his weight down, he can be the guy because he can be a dominant force.”

Ta'amu’s base salary will be $660,000 in 2015, and with the $216,000 workout bonus and a $25,000 signing bonus, he could earn up to $901,000.