Carson Palmer's opinion on Cardinals' new center important

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@joshweinfuss: Somewhat. The ultimate decision will be made by coach Bruce Arians and general manager Steve Keim with some input from offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin. But Carson Palmer 's opinion will definitely be sought after and I'm sure Arians will consult with a couple of the other offensive linemen since communicating is such a crucial part of a center's job. Obviously, the most important aspect of finding a good center is the center-quarterback relationship so Palmer's opinion would be valuable in the Cardinals deciding between A.Q. Shipley and Ted Larsen. @joshweinfuss: Sure, it's possible for a defense to cover John Brown and JJ Nelson on verticals. All it would take is two corners to run with them and maybe a safety over the top. But committing that many defensive backs that deep down the field opens up plenty of options for the offense, especially in the flat where Brown and Nelson once occupied space, as well as deep over the middle. @joshweinfuss: Yes, one can argue that Patrick Peterson had a good 2014 when you consider the year as a whole. The Cardinals' blitzed 43.1 percent of dropbacks, the third-highest-rate in the league, which left the corners on an island by themselves. Granted, Peterson did allow eight touchdowns and 743 yards last season, according to Pro Football Focus. He had three interceptions, 11 stops and 45 tackles, but Peterson was thrown at 95 times and allowed quarterbacks to complete 56.8 percent of passes thrown at him. But the most significant stat, in my opinion, is that he was flagged for 13 penalties. Good is the right way to describe Peterson's 2014. @joshweinfuss: I think there's a good chance of a veteran being signed, but there will be two windows where it will happen: at the start of training camp and the end. Arizona has found some success signing vets who basically didn't want to attend offseason workouts or thought they were worth more than teams were willing to pay. Everyone will continue to look at John Abraham and Eric Winston as examples of veteran signings at the start of training camp who paid off. But the Cardinals may not make big moves until cuts begin in August and September, when teams started releasing quality vets who can help them. Arizona clearly has enough money in cap space (Between $10 million and $12 million depending on where you look.) so the flexibility is there. Toward the end of the preseason is where they found Tommy Kelly last season and he turned out to be a productive addition. @joshweinfuss: He definitely has a chance of making the roster, especially if the Cardinals keep eight or nine defensive linemen. He's athletic, strong and the coaches like him. He may not get a lot of playing time but I could see him on the roster.