Mailbag: Many questions loom over Daryl Washington's reinstatement

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@joshweinfuss: First and foremost, it depends on when Daryl Washington applied for reinstatement. But there could be other holdups, per the rules, such as his examination by the medical director and medical adviser might not have gone well. Or Washington and his side might not have submitted a complete application. There could be a handful of reasons why a decision has not come down yet.

@joshweinfuss: No, it doesn't owe the Cardinals anything. As I wrote above, it all comes down to when he applied for reinstatement.

@joshweinfuss: I don't think so. Here's the issue: We don't know when he applied for reinstatement. Without that critical piece of information, we don't know how long the NFL has taken. By rule, the commissioner has 60 days to rule on Washington's reinstatement. The NFL has shown it can multitask, so until we find out when Washington applied for reinstatement, it's hard to say what the holdup is.

@joshweinfuss: Will there be? At some point, yes, the NFL will make a yes-or-no decision regarding Washington. It could happen next week or it could happen during training camp. My answers above basically outline what the holdup could be but at some point, the NFL will rule.