Patrick Peterson receives unexpected signed jersey from Michael Jordan

Patrick Peterson, left, with Michael Jordan at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational in 2014. Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Getting a package in the mail is exciting.

Getting an unexpected package from Michael Jordan is unforgettable.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson received a box from Jordan -- yes, His Airness -- earlier this week that included a signed Chicago Bulls home jersey. The inscription, made out to "Patrick," read: "Stay Strong," followed by Jordan’s famous signature.

"[He] just sent me a gift," Peterson said.

Jordan, the six-time NBA champion and five-time MVP, also sent a letter to Peterson with advice on how to handle himself as a professional athlete and how to get the most out of his teammates -- something Jordan was well-known to do. He also included a signed 50th anniversary Gatorade bottle.

The jersey will be hung in Peterson’s game room.

Peterson first met Jordan two years ago at Jordan’s golf tournament. When they were first introduced, Jordan addressed Peterson as "P squared," for Peterson’s initials, like he and Peterson were old friends.

"That was a pretty cool thing," Peterson said.

Even though he has only met Jordan a couple times, Peterson considers him one of the two "coolest stars" he’s ever met, along with Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders.

"Those guys are so down to earth," Peterson said. "They are very genuine with people. You can tell, being in their position, their spotlights, they respect others in their profession as well. That’s just how it was with Michael Jordan."