Cards Mailbag: Is Chris Johnson a lock for Cardinals roster?

Welcome to #CardsMailbag, a weekly installment that allows you to ask me questions about the Arizona Cardinals throughout the week via Twitter@joshweinfuss. I'll answer them every week during the preseason. Make sure to use the hashtag #CardsMailbag.

@joshweinfuss: If there is, it's somewhere between slim and none. I think it's almost a guarantee Chris Johnson makes the roster. He's not washed up like Michael Bush was last year when the Cardinals signed him. Johnson was just in a bad fit last season in New York. He's still capable of 1,000 yards -- if given the opportunity. But in Arizona I think he will be a crucial part of a rotation and will eventually be leaned on as a major cog to the running game.

@joshweinfuss: Arizona's pass rush, which was down 12 sacks in 2014 from 2013, will rely on a joint effort. It will be a combination of the defensive line, which has two talented pass-rushers in Calais Campbell and Rodney Gunter; the outside linebackers, which includes Alex Okafor, rookie Markus Golden, LaMarr Woodley, Kareem Martin, Lorenzo Alexander and Shaq Riddick; and the secondary, which has packages to specifically rush the passer. As for it being consistent against elite teams, I think it has to improve to dominate top tackles off the edge. The core of the pass rush -- Golden, Martin and Riddick -- is young. The more experience they get, the more moves and counter they create, and the more sacks they get, the better they will end up being, but that comes with time.

@joshweinfuss: I think, as of now, the pass rush is a bigger concern because Arizona is still thin at outside linebacker. Okafor is the most dominant of the group. Woodley hasn't had 10 sacks or more since 2010, but his experience can be invaluable when you consider the only other veteran outside linebacker is Alexander. But those two have their work cut out for them. Golden is still learning how to contain in the pass rush. Martin is still learning the position. And Riddick just got back on the field this week after missing three weeks. The talent is there, but it's now about molding it into productive pass-rushers.

@joshweinfuss: I'd be surprised if John Brown gets traded. He's too important to Arizona's special teams as the gunner opposite Justin Bethel. I think one player we could see traded is Matt Shaughnessy. He was moved to defensive tackle, but has been buried on the depth chart on the third team for most of camp. He was close to signing with the Patriots this offseason --  he was actually in the building when Arizona called -- and could be an attractive option for teams who need depth on the line.