Cards Mailbag: Chris Johnson's future on Cardinals as safe as David Johnson's

Welcome to #CardsMailbag, a weekly installment that allows you to ask me questions about the Arizona Cardinals throughout the week via Twitter@joshweinfuss. I'll answer them every week during training camp and the preseason. Make sure to use the hashtag #CardsMailbag.

@joshweinfuss: Yes. I think at this point, there is a good chance Chris Johnson plays at Denver, but you never know what's going to happen during warm-ups. Regardless, I think he still makes the roster. He is still talented and will provide great depth and reliability once he's healthy, especially late in the season.

@joshweinfuss: I think it will be very similar to what David Johnson's role has been during the preseason, but maybe tapered a bit more to start the season. He will be used in a variety of ways -- between the tackles, on the edge and as a receiver. He's the best receiver among the running backs, so I expect him to be used often in that capacity in September.

@joshweinfuss: I think Chris Johnson will get a good share of the carries in the first quarter. If he feels he still needs them, that might last into the second. But after him I'd expect a combination of David Johnson, Stepfan Taylor, Kerwynn Williams, Marion Grice and Paul Lasike. I don't think Robert Hughes will see much time, if at all. But I also expect Lasike to get a lot of looks in the second half.

@joshweinfuss: I would think every team that has a player suspended who is awaiting some sort of news would expect it. But in the case of Daryl Washington, I think there's plenty to glean by reading between the lines. I think it's telling that the Cardinals -- especially coach Bruce Arians -- haven't been publicly vocal in their concern about his reinstatement taking so long. I think it's telling that we don't hear Washington saying more. Wouldn't you be giving as many interviews as you could if you had done everything you needed to in order to get reinstated -- to show the NFL you're ready to resume your career? Why hasn't he? Think about that.

@joshweinfuss: I've thought about this before you asked the question. I can very easily see a scenario where Chris Johnson is the No. 1 back by November with Andre Ellington and David Johnson filling niche roles in the offense. Ellington has been injury-prone and, especially if Chris Johnson is healthy and Arizona is on pace for another playoff berth, to keep him healthy late in the season, the Cardinals could reduce his runs and increase his receptions. I wouldn't be surprised by that.