Arizona Cardinals' Black Friday shopping list includes force field

More cornerbacks. No, really. More cornerbacks: If there’s one position that quickly is becoming a concern for the Cardinals, it’s cornerback, due to injuries. Arizona carries four corners on the 53-man roster but only three are typically active on game day. That became an issue on Sunday night when Patrick Peterson hurt his left ankle and left the game, leaving the Cardinals with just Jerraud Powers and Justin Bethel as their two corners. They have Robert Nelson Jr. on the active roster, but another corner would give Arizona some relief.

A protective force field around Michael Floyd: Sure, neither of his two injuries this year was inflicted by a defender, but having a way to prevent Floyd from hurting himself again would make life easier for the Cardinals. He missed Sunday night’s game with a hamstring injury just as he was finding his groove with two consecutive 100-yard receiving games. It took Floyd a while to get into the swing of Arizona’s offense after suffering a gruesome hand injury during training camp. The healthier the Cardinals can keep Floyd, the longer into January they’ll be playing.

More of whatever Carson Palmer is drinking: Desert water, spiked Pedialyte, beer -- whatever he is drinking, he should keep it up. Palmer, who will turn 36 in December, is putting together an MVP-caliber season. He leads the league in QBR (81.9), passer rating (108.6), passing touchdowns (27), yards per attempt (9.04) and yards per dropback (8.43). And he is 21-4 over his last 25 starts. While the Cardinals are ordering a pallet of whatever Palmer’s having, they should also make sure to use their elbows and push people aside to get one of those protective force fields for Floyd.