Cardinals' Bruce Arians on new diet, feels great after hospital trip

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- In the two weeks since Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians spent the night in a San Diego hospital, he’s finished one diet and is on to another, but the 63-year-old said he’s feeling “great.”

“I’m 100 percent and everything is behind me,” Arians said. “Just a little change of diet and see how it goes.”

Arians was rushed to the hospital about 30 minutes before a joint practice with the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium on Aug. 16 after a sharp pain in his stomach caused him to double over. He initially thought it was a kidney stone, but the diagnosis was diverticulitis.

He was released the next morning, attended that day’s practice for about 30 minutes and coached in the preseason game a couple days later.

“It’s always scary when you don’t know what the heck is going on,” Arians said. “I was hoping it was a kidney stone; then I would’ve known and got rid of it. It was diverticulitis, so that can be an ongoing thing. Thank goodness nothing perforated so I was good.”

Doctors put Arians on a 10-day diet, which he finished late last week. Now he’s on a high-fiber diet, which he hopes will help him lose some weight. But he joked that it’s not helping yet.

Arians said he lost 30 pounds during the offseason thanks to a “good diet,” but that plan was put on hold as doctors addressed his current health issues.

When Arians’ wife, Chris, received the call about Bruce getting rushed to the hospital, she was in Georgia. When Bruce’s symptoms were relayed over the phone, she said she knew immediately the diagnosis.

“I knew right away,” she said with a smile. “I diagnosed it from Georgia just from what they were telling me.”

Making sure Bruce doesn’t eat something he’s not supposed to eat will be easier said than done for Chris. She knows she’ll need to hide some goodies.

“It’s not going to work,” Bruce quipped.

To which Chris replied: “I know him way too well.”