Flush the Pocket: Life after the Cardinals

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- It’s always easier to evaluate the impact of anything a few months later.

That’s what the Arizona Daily Sun, the newspaper that covers Flagstaff, Ariz., did two weeks ago. Sometimes stories about the Cardinals trickle into me late, especially if they’re written by an outlet not local to Phoenix or national. When I saw this story about how Flagstaff’s economy handled the Cardinals moving their training camp to Glendale, Ariz., this season, I knew it was worth writing about.

Even more so after I read it.

The city of Flagstaff’s economy actually improved after the Cardinals made the move south.

“Sales tax revenues from restaurants and bars for July and August were up by 5.3 percent over the same two months in 2012, according to city data,” the story read.

A few other facts from the story:

-- In August, restaurant and bar spending was up 11.6 percent.

-- Lodging tax increased by 7.7 percent in July and August.

-- The City of Flagstaff saved $40,000 in advertising at University of Phoenix Stadium.

All in all, it could be taken as a win-win. The Cardinals got training camp in their own stadium and Flagstaff made more money.

Because of the bye week, not much was written about the Cardinals.