Cardinals to tryout punter on Tuesday

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Arizona Cardinals may have seen enough from punter Drew Butler.

Coach Bruce Arians said Monday the team will try out a punter on Tuesday, but whoever is brought in needs to impress with more than his leg.

"It's more than punting, though," Arians said. "He is also the holder. The guy could be a hell of a punter but if doesn't hold, he ain't getting the job."

The Cardinals are evaluating Butler after he averaged 39.67 yards per punt, and had a net average of 34 yards per punt. Butler punted three times in Sunday's win over Washington. His first two were 41 and 50 yards. His third was 28.

"You can't have guys kicking 28-yard kicks when you've sat out there hitting 50 every day," Arians said. "Drew brings a lot of things but you still have to kick the damn ball."

Butler, who missed seven weeks with an ankle and calf injury but was re-signed on Nov. 15, is ranked 36th in yards per punt and 35th in net yards per punt.

Arians can't explain it.

"You'd have to ask him," Arians said. "Kicking is a funny game and most of it is mental."