Bruce Arians: Harold Goodwin's head-coaching quest not hampered by lack of playcalling

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Cardinals coach Bruce Arians had a message for teams that interviewed his offensive coordinator, Harold Goodwin, for head coaching jobs during this past round of openings.

It doesn’t matter that Goodwin doesn’t call plays for Arizona.

“You’re not hiring a playcaller,” Arians said. “You’re hiring a leader of men. You’re not hiring a playcaller, you’re hiring a head coach. He will hire a playcaller, but you’re looking for a man to lead your team and lead your organization. There are a few us that call plays, very few, so don’t hire an offensive coordinator. Hire a head coach.”

Arians does not think the fact that Goodwin isn't the Cardinals’ playcaller -- Arians is -- hurt Goodwin when he interviewed with the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars. Goodwin had an integral part in organizing the Cardinals’ weekly game plans last season, specifically the run and blocking schemes. Arians also let Goodwin call plays in three of the four preseason games, giving him some experience, as well as during training camp, when Goodwin would call live drills against defensive coordinator James Bettcher.

Arians’ message to teams was the same one he had when he interviewed with the Chicago Bears and Cardinals in 2013.

Even though Goodwin didn’t get a head-coaching job this year, Arians felt he took a step forward by getting three interviews, compared to one after the 2015 season.

“I think he got close,” Arians said. “It’s tough out there, and there’s only 32 of them and one interview [last year], now three interviews [this year]. It’s getting better.”