Breaking down Chandler Jones' contract

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Chandler Jones' five-year contract that he signed with the Arizona Cardinals on Friday will see a significant jump in base salary from next season to 2017.

In all, his deal is worth $82.5 million with $53 million guaranteed. He received a $15 million singing bonus, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Here's a year-by-year breakdown of his contract:

2017: Jones will earn a $7 million base salary, all of which is fully guaranteed, in the first season of his new contract. That, coupled with the $15 million signing bonus, will give him a total cash salary of $22 million this season.

Cap hit: $10 million

2018: Jones’ base salary, which will also be fully guaranteed this year, will increase to $12.5 million.

Cap hit: $15.5 million

2019: For the second-straight year, Jones’ base salary will increase. He’ll earn $16.5 million in base salary this season, which was guaranteed for injury only at signing. However, his base salary will become fully guaranteed on the third day of the league year.

Cap hit: $19.5 million

2020: At this point, Jones' base salary will start to decline. He’s scheduled to earn $16 million this year, of which $2 million was guaranteed at signing in case of injury. Jones’ entire base salary will be guaranteed on the third day of the league year.

Cap hit: $19 million

2021: In the final year of his contract, Jones will earn $15.5 million, none of which will be guaranteed for any reason.

Cap hit: $18.5 million