Josh Rosen's best draft quotes: Aaron Rodgers is 'the dude'

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Josh Rosen's reputation as an outspoken and opinionated young man preceded him as he headed into last week's NFL draft.

After the Arizona Cardinals traded up to make him the 10th pick in the first round Thursday, Rosen lived up to the hype.

He didn't hold back after falling lower than he thought he should be drafted, and then, during his introductory news conference Friday, Rosen was a bit more calm but offered up some gems.

Here's a look at Rosen's best quotes from draft weekend:

Rosen was mentored by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers this offseason while the two worked on a TV show in Los Angeles, and the new Cardinals QB described Rodgers in a very Hollywood way:

"Aaron has been unbelievable. One of the reasons I actually picked the agency [Athletes First] is because I looked up to him as a quarterback. We got introduced because he's executive-producing this TV show that we're doing with our rookie class, the agency's ‘Destination Dallas.' It was really cool, and he came down and mentored me a little bit. The relationship actually went a lot further than I thought it would initially. I thought we were just kind of going to hang out for the cameras a little bit and talk and try to make it look more than it was, but he has reached out to me a lot. He has been awesome. I look up to him as a player, and I think the way he conducts himself on and off the field is very admirable. I think the best word that I use to describe him, and what I try to emulate is, he's a 'dude.' He's just the dude. When he's walking around the building or whatever he's doing, you just know he's that guy. When he steps into the huddle at a critical moment in a late-game [situation] at the end of the year, you know that he's stepping into that huddle and he's telling his guys he's going to go down and score a touchdown and that they're all going to believe him, because he's that dude."

When Rosen was asked about the relationship between a quarterback and an offensive coordinator, he went to the final frontier:

"I always compare it to a 'Star Trek' mind-meld. I'm basically trying to take his brain and put as much of his brain as I can into mine, so that when we go on the field, if I'm making a check or if I'm making a decision, he in his head is making the same decision at the same exact time."

After an eventful draft night on Thursday, Rosen started his introductory news conference with the Cardinals by offering this:

"I don't have too much to say."

That came after a series of Thursday night comments about where he was drafted, whom he was drafted after and how he felt falling to No. 10 overall:

"I thought I should have been picked at one, two or three. I dropped and I was pissed. I was really, really angry. I wasn't really showing it because I was trying to keep calm, composed and cool. I thought I was going to get picked and I thought that I was going to have to put on a face and try and fake happiness. For some reason, right when I got that call, that is not what happened. I got really happy and really motivated. All I wanted to do is basically get on a plane right then and go straight to Arizona and start working. It was definitely a surprise when I got that phone call in terms of the emotions I would feel, but I think everything happens for a reason."

But a day later, on Friday, he walked back those comments a bit:

"I was a little emotional last night. I would actually say that I'm not as angry that there were nine guys ahead of me, just the three quarterbacks. That's kind of what gets to me. So there were three big mistakes ahead of me."

Rosen didn't want to go down the road of why he felt he fell in the draft:

"I don't know and I don't care. It's behind me."

But Rosen feels his outspoken personality may have cost him this year:

"Maybe if I had shut up these last three years, I could have been picked higher, but I don't want that. I want to be me, and the Arizona Cardinals know what they are getting. They are not getting a kid that is going to say stupid things and piss people off unnecessarily. They are going to get a kid that everyone knows who they are getting every single day I walk into the building."

Rosen was quite relieved that the draft process was over and wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts on how the past few months went:

"I mean, none of this is really anything serious in the first place. We really don't have any say in it. It was just kind of annoying doing all these different draft-prep obligations. You are flying into city after city after city. You are doing workouts and workouts. You are running 40s. You're doing combines and pro days. Honestly, most of these teams are kind of formalities. They already kind of see the tape. A lot of it is just for TV, and I am excited to get past that and start to get to the substance and do the stuff that actually matters."

After Rosen visited with the Cardinals in Arizona, he didn't feel one way or the other about his chances of their drafting him:

"I mean, honestly, nothing special. It was just like any other visit. I didn't get any really bad or really good vibes. I just thought that it went pretty well. I think we both came away thinking it would be a pretty good fit, but I don't think we thought anything crazy of it. And then I think I fell a little bit and they came up a little bit. I think we had a match made in heaven."

Rosen seemed to understand his role among the Cardinals' quarterbacks with Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon, two established veterans, ahead of him on the depth chart:

"I am not going to come in and be an a-hole and think that my s--- don't stink. Sorry to say that, but I understand the situation. I'm going to come in and I'm going to be respectful. Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon are both two amazing quarterbacks, but we are all professionals and we are going to compete our butts off."

And Rosen, who has been critical of President Donald Trump, said he's not concerned about moving and playing in a state that went Trump's way in the 2016 election:

"No, not at all. Being political in the future, I'm not pulling for one side or the other. I'm just going to encourage people to speak their mind and have opinions and shape those opinions, form those opinions -- have a conversation. I'm not pulling for one side or the other. I want to make it cool to be a good person and to talk and have conversations about everything, whether it be politics, whether it be anything."